August Minutes

Harris Creek Elementary School P.T.A. Minutes
Tuesday, August 6th 2013 / Open House & General Meeting

6:05p.m. Principal Sanchez called our meeting to order and introduced herself along with Vice Principals Tina Anderson and Brandon Thomas. To contact them, their email addresses were displayed on the screen.

Our current enrollment is 1,014 students in Pre-K through 5th grade and we are continuing to enroll new students.

All of our teachers are extremely qualified and 13 of them are National Board Certified Teachers. Harris Creek Elementary teachers receive intense training on Common Core State Standards. Principal Sanchez welcomed our Track 1 & 2 teachers then dismissed them to get their rooms and presentations ready for parents.

Principal Sanchez encouraged everyone to become a volunteer. Registration is available in the Media Center. Opportunities for volunteers include: reading to students, chaperoning field trips, performing clerical tasks for the teachers, preparing and assembling Monday folders for the students, and practicing math facts with students.

Wake County offers free Parent Academies that provide parents with the information and strategies they need to help their children become successful students. The closest location for these academies is at Millbrook High School. (There was a list on the screen of upcoming Parent Academy options.) Registration is available online at (Click on the Parent Academy tab.)

Principal Sanchez informed H.C.E.S. parents on the new Read To Achieve House Bill (950/S.L.2012-142 Section 7A) that went into effect this 2013-2014 school year. It states that all students must pass their third grade Reading EOG to be promoted to fourth grade. The screen showed a list of “Good Cause Exemptions” as well as another list of options for students who did not pass initially. To ensure our students’ success we provide:
Parent/Teacher Collaboration
Differentiation in the classroom
An Intervention Teacher for each grade level. We have this thanks to our school-wide
Title One status.
mClass Benchmark Assessments, to be given in the fall, winter, and spring.
Progress Monitoring every 10 days for students who performed poorly on Benchmark Assessments.
Implementing Daily 5/CAFÉ learning strategies

Principal Sanchez then handed it over to Ruby Costa who explained Standards Based Grading.
1- Student isn’t there yet, still working on it
2- Meets expectations WITH teacher support
3- Meets expectations independently on a consistent basis
4- Exceeds expectations independently on a consistent basis
There will be no 3* this year. Ms. Costa handed it over to P.T.A. President Jessica Watkins.
Jessica told parents she was looking forward to another great year with the HCES PTA and announced what we were able to accomplish last year, specifically, the technology purchases we were able to make. She also reminded parents that the state does not allocate funds for these things, so if we want our students and classrooms to stay current and have access to the best technology, it is on us to raise those funds.

P.T.A. goals for 2013-2014 include:
Increased parent involvement in the classrooms and at HCES events.
Providing more clubs and activities for our students.
Completing purchases for Touchboards so that there is one in every classroom.
Mounting our BenQ projectors in every classroom.

Jessica presented our Budget and it was displayed on the screen for parents to view. Our two big fundraisers and sources of income this year are our GoPlaySave coupon book sales, which are already underway, and Boosterthon, which kicks off next week.

Jessica noted the P.T.A. booth set up in the hallway and encouraged parents to join and get involved. Opportunities for involvement include: Fundraising, Math & Science Night, Book Fairs, Literacy Night, Eagle Fun Fest, and Student Clubs.

The Harris Creek Elementary School P.T.A. can be followed on Facebook Harris Creek PTA and Twitter @HCPTA.

Principal Sanchez gave a final thank you to the P.T.A. and then gave parents directions for visiting their child’s classroom after dismissal.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

July Minutes

Harris Creek Elementary School PTA Minutes

July 22, 2013


6:02 p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order.


Introduction of Committee Chairs


Heather Chase and Kristine Sasak will co-chair the Yearbook this year and be assisted by Ms. McManus.


Stephanie Singley will be working with Ms. DeMartz and Ms. McManus on our Cultural Arts programs and organizing our new “Original Artworks” program.


Heather Pew is our new Volunteer Coordinator Chair. She will be managing the sign-up genius and sending email reminders about upcoming events. Heather can be contacted at


Seth Bartee is our Social Media Chair. He manages both our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Leon Bullard is our Health and Fitness Chairperson; he will be partnering with Coach B. to encourage the children in traditional fitness activities as well as introducing them to some alternatives forms of exercise.


Brenda Schneider is our Sponsorships and Spirit Nights Chair this year and has already set up some fun family activities. Our first event is a Harris Creek Elementary Spirit Night at Sweet Frog on Tuesday, July 30th from 3-8 p.m. We will look into having someone there wearing the Eagle Costume. Our next Spirit Night will be at Cici’s pizza. And we are talking to the manager of the Heritage McDonald’s about hosting our McTeacher Night.


Brenda is looking for sponsors from local business to support HCES. She has made HCES “Supporter” letters to mail out that have tiered options of giving. How much they give determines how much cross-promotion our school does for them. We are considering a “supporters” page for our yearbook this year. Principal Sanchez suggested we do some advertising for Eye Care Associates because they are donating free comprehensive eye exams for all of our students and then sending parents home a detailed assessment.


We are still looking for a Fundraising Chair. Their primary responsibilities would be managing our GoPlaySave and Boosterthon fundraisers. Also they will be in charge of decorating for Boosterthon. This year’s theme is Camp High Five and the event will be August 12-23. The Fundraising Chair would be the contact person for the fundraising companies and oversee our volunteers.


Lori Steelman is our Beautification Chair and is looking for volunteers to help with quarterly beautification projects. Suggestions for volunteers include the Student Council, Rolesville Middle School FFA, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.


Michele Heath-Pilotte is our Newsletter Chair. She is going to contact Ms. Alaniz about offering an alternative Spanish newsletter for our Spanish speaking families. Ms. Alaniz has already created a Spanish language HCES website.


Rachel Koehler is our Box Tops Chair and will be co-chairing Book Fair with Chris Smith. Our Box Tops Competition begins August 26th and ends on February 21st. Our theme this year is “Shoot For The Stars”. Go to for more information. The grand prize for the winning class will be a basket of educational supplies for the classroom and a popsicle party.


Our Fall Book Fair will be October 15th – October 25th. It will be open for parents during our Math and Science Night on October 24th. Dinner will be served from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and then the event will be from 6:00-8:00 p.m. We will need a lot of volunteers for Book Fair. The Spring Book Fair will be held March 4th – March 14th. March 6th is Literacy Night.


Bedford Books is our supplier for our Book Fairs.


Amy Stevenson will chair the Audit Committee this year and is also heading up the 5th Grade Celebration.


Beth Williams is our Hospitality Chair and she will be organizing our Teacher Luncheons on Early Release days and she keeps us with all of our teacher’s birthdays so she can put a surprise in their box. Two of our Teacher Luncheons will be catered and the rest will be provided through parent donations based on Beth’s menu and item requests sent out through Sign-Up Genius.


Chris Taylor Smith, who is co-chairing our book fairs, is also taking over Juice Pouch collection and redemption.


Erin Sloane will be our Membership Committee Chair again this year as well as the operator of our school store. We currently have 121 members for the 2013-2014 school year and are looking forward to continued growth.


Mike Chase is our new Website Chair. For now, any items that people wish to add to the website should be sent through Jessica Watkins first, then forwarded to Mike with the item clearly labeled in the Subject line.


The following Committee Chairs will report to Jessica Watkins this year: Seth Bartee, Leon Bullard, Lori Steelman, Michele Heath-Pilotte, Erin Sloane, and Mike Chase.


The other Committee Chairs will report to Sarah Segard; they are: Chris Taylor Smith, Beth Williams, the Fundraising Chair, Brenda Schneider, Heather Pew, Heather Chase, and Kristine Sasak.


Former Treasurer Danny Bland is in charge of all Teacher Grants for the 2013-2014 school year.


Principal’s Report:


We have 1,014 students currently enrolled. Our maximum capacity is currently listed at 1,170, but Principal Sanchez is hoping to have that number reassessed based on our space and capacity. We would need more modular units to accommodate that amount of students.


There are 43 traditional classrooms at HCES now; along with three AU classrooms and one Title One Pre-K class.


Edith Gomez has joined the HCES staff as our new receptionist. And Brandon Thomas has been hired as a second, part-time assistant principal. Mr. Thomas will be at HCES on Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday.


This year all of our grades, including kindergarten and first, will receiver quarterly report cards.


With the passing of House Bill 950-SL2012-142 section 7A, children who do not pass the 3rd grade EOG will not pass 3rd grade. If the student fails the first time, they will be given an opportunity to retake it. If they fail a second time, they will be evaluated for a “good cause” promotion based on limited English proficiency or other extenuating circumstances.


Principal Sanchez expressed her gratitude to the PTA as well as her optimism going forward into the new school year. We are all looking forward to a great year together.


7:30 p.m. The meeting was adjourned by President Jessica Watkins

May Minutes

P.T.A. Minutes from 5-16-13

Harris Creek Elementary School

6:00 p.m. Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order and introduced Danny Bland to present the budget.

Budget Presentation:

The itemized budget was projected onto the large screen for attendees to follow along.  Danny explained HCES P.T.A.’s goals for buying new technology for our school and how the impetus to stay current with technological advancements and opportunities in the classroom falls on us because of federal and state budget restrictions and reductions.

We are in the process of purchasing six more BenQ projectors and then we will have one in every HCES classroom.  The new TouchBoards were purchased with the money raised primarily during our Boosterthon and Citipass fundraisers.  The HCES P.T.A. was able to purchase an additional iPad cart.  Our next goal is to have four iPad carts and then eventually one per grade level.  The money made at Eagle Fun Fest will be going toward purchasing additional technology for our AU classrooms.

Eagle Fun Fest was not meant to be a money-making/fundraising event; it is designed to promote school spirit and serve as a fun social event.  The National P.T.A. recommends schools have three fun/social events for every one fundraising one.  Danny noted that School Store is also something we put on just for students and financially only break even on.

In addition to the yearbook pre-orders we received, we have ordered an additional 150 yearbooks that will be on sale soon for those who didn’t pre-order.

A new budget line item we had this year was the Teacher Support/Hospitality.  That included a “New Teacher” initiative where we gift new teachers with credit to spend at teaching supply stores.  It also includes the lunches we provide for the staff on our early release days.  This has been a successful and important addition to our school community.


Nomination and Election of New Treasurer

Unfortunately, Danny Bland will be stepping down as HCES P.T.A. Treasurer.  Secretary Heather Little nominated Amanda Ragone for the position of HCES Treasurer.  Danny Bland seconded the nomination.  None were opposed, so Amanda Ragone will take over as Treasurer in the 2013-2014 school year.

We are also looking for a Treasurer Assistant for next year and any interested parties should contact Jessica Watkins.

Opportunities for service in the HCES P.T.A.

Jessica presented the other volunteer needs we have for the coming year.  Including:

Newsletter Chairperson

Fundraising Chairperson

Reflections Chairperson

Yearbook Chairperson

Volunteer Coordinator


Our membership went up to 325 members this year, showing lots of growth and far exceeding our goal of 250!  We would love to see more members get involved and help with the open positions listed above.  Also, we encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


6:25p.m. Meeting Adjourned.

April Minutes

P.T.A. Minutes from 4-11-13

Harris Creek Elementary School


6:05p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order


March minutes were provided to each table for review and approval at the end of the meeting.


Eagle Fun Fest


Eagle Fun Fest is scheduled for Friday, May 10th, which is an Early Release Day.  Saturday, May 11th was mentioned as the tentative rain date for the event.


Pre-order tickets and wristbands will be distributed on Monday, May 6th, except for track 3, who will get theirs before they track-out.  We will be accepting pre-orders through May 8th and distributing those as they trickle in.  Some will be available at the gate.  AU classrooms will be putting together our pre-orders for us.  Eagle Fun Fest t-shirt orders are due two weeks prior to Fun Fest.


We will have two entrances into Eagle Fun Fest and there will be a credit card swiping machine available at both.  All of the doors will be locked with the exception of the back doors, which will allow entrance for attendees to use the restrooms.


There will be a tiered incentive program for the teachers, with awards given to the classes that earn the most tickets with their games.  We are still looking for volunteers for the games as well as to help with the food stations.  We will be serving all beef hot dogs and other snack items, including popcorn, snow-cones, etc.  The sign-up genius has been sent out to the staff and will also be forwarded to P.T.A. parents.



5th Grade Graduation


Graduation for Track 1 students is on May 31st, and on June 28th for Tracks 2, 3, and 4.  Karen Piggott is the chair for this committee.  Amy Stevenson volunteered to spearhead the organization of these events by meeting with teachers, coordinating with parents and volunteers, and filing the check requests.  P.T.A. has budgeted $1,000 for 5th grade graduation to cover pizza, ice cream, cakes, etc.  We are hoping for some involvement from 4th grade parents.


Kristina Murray volunteered to organize 5th grade graduation for 2013-2014.





The yearbook is due for submission on Friday, April 12th at midnight.  We already have well over 200 pre-orders.  We need someone to take over yearbook for next year and any interested parents should contact Jessica Watkins immediately.  The P.T.A. board plans to recruit volunteers during the upcoming Kindergarten Kick-offs.  The idea of buying a flash drive to pass around among teachers was mentioned again.



New Business


It was proposed that we move our P.T.A. meeting times to 6:30 or 7:00 in the upcoming year in an effort to promote parent involvement and attendance.  Our next P.T.A. meeting is May 16th before the Spring Concert in the gymnasium.


Mr. Bartee volunteered to take over the H.C.E.S. Facebook and Twitter accounts and manage those for us.  We are very appreciative for the help!


There are several positions open in the P.T.A. for the 2013-2014 school year.  (Most notably, the office of Treasurer and the chair for the Fundraising Committee.)


Jessica Watkins presented a proposal that we have an EOG Pep Rally for our students.  There is an organization based in Wilmington that hosts these for schools and offers different themes, including the Wild West theme that we chose.  The pep rallies would be for all grades K-5, and the one for Track 1 would be on Monday, May 13th and the ones for the other tracks would be Monday, June 10th.  EOGs will be held on Tuesdays-Thursdays of those weeks.  The pep rallies last 45 minutes and we would have them at the end of the day.  The price for the pep rallies would be $395 for the first booking and $295 for the second.  Heather Little motioned to approve this expenditure and Kristina Murray seconded; none were opposed.



Principal’s Report


We have 984 students and counting enrolled for next year (2013-2014), not counting pre-K classrooms.  We will have all double tracks in K-3 and then 6 classrooms each in 4&5 next year.  Eventually we will reach our 1100 capacity and have double tracks in K-5.  We need more modular buildings in the near future.


The state gave us 27 iPads for our K-3 teachers.  Unfortunately we will have 32 K-3 teachers next year, so we need 5 more.  Principal Sanchez is going to look at the budget to see if the school can purchase those or if they might need P.T.A. assistance to bridge that gap and purchase the additional iPads.  The iPads will be used with the new MCLASS assessment program to evaluate students.


We had 12 new Touchboards installed this week.  We now have them in 24 classrooms (4 per grade level) and hope to have them in every classroom in the next couple of years.  We still need 8 more BenQ projectors to have one of those in every room and would like to have those mounted, but the $500 per mounting cost is too expensive at this time.


Our first Kindergarten Kick-off is Tuesday, April 16th.  This is an informational time to let parents know what they need to do to prepare their children for kindergarten.  H.C.E.S. will provide them with materials to take home and practice the strategies that are suggested.  This is an important time of preparation because of the higher expectations that come along with our adoption of the common core standards.


The Board Advisory Meeting is on Tuesday, April 16th and Rachel Koehler will be attending.


We have additional Title One funds to be used, so we are offering an EOG prep time for all students in grades 3-5.  There will also be a session for their parents on how to get their students ready.  These are on Saturday, April 20th, from 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. and 12:00p.m.-1:00p.m.  (10:00a.m.-1:00p.m. is the student council campus beautification project this same Saturday.)


We would like to have approximately 20 proctors for the EOGs, and those volunteers must attend a short training session.  The EOGs for Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are on Tuesday, June 11th – Thursday, June 13th.


Principal Sanchez will be attending the Principals’ Meeting on Friday, April 12th and she is hoping to find out more about possible Wake County budget cuts that would decrease the number of teaching assistants in the younger grades.


Teacher Appreciation Weeks are scheduled for May 6-10 and May 13-16.


7:25p.m. Vice President Sarah Segard adjourned the meeting.

Febuary Minutes

Minutes from 2-7-13 P.T.A. Meeting

Harris Creek Elementary School



5:35 p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order.


*copies of the minutes from our January meeting were available on each table for approval.




Thanks to increased efforts by the Parent Involvement Committee, we have 279 members and counting in the HCES P.T.A. now.


The competition to see which classroom in each grade can generate the most new memberships will end on March 29th, and the winners will receive ice cream parties.  New members can join until June 1st for the 2012-2013 school year.


Literacy Night:


Literacy Night is set for Thursday, February 28th and the P.T.A. will be selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches and meals.  The meals include a chicken sandwich, chips, cookie, and a drink for $5.00.


Book Fair will be open during Literacy Night and we are in need of extra volunteers for that.


Book Fair:


Set up for the Book Fair will be on Friday, February 22nd, and the Fair will be open February 25th-March 6th.  Volunteers can sign-up on Sign-Up Genius.  For more information contact Rachel Koehler.


Health and Safety Night:


Health and Safety Night is scheduled for March 21st.   We plan to have sessions to attend in the classrooms and vendors to visit in the hallways.  The following are ideas for activities and information to have available that night:


-Jump Rope Competition in the gymnasium between parents and students

-Obstacle Course

-Blood Pressure checks

-Bike Safety

-Pool Safety

-Internet Safety (w/ Officer Crudup)/Info. on Parental Control Apps for phones & computers.

-Healthy Snacking


-Program about fruits and vegetables and/or a Recipe Room

*We are also going to look into getting NC State athletes or a group from there to participate and volunteer in this night, and potentially lead one of our fitness events, like the obstacle course.


New Business:


Brenda Schneider will be attending the P.T.A. Healthy Living Forum on Saturday, February 9th at NC State and she will bring back a report on what she learned there.


We need four more student ambassadors to go online and sign-up so that our school can participate in, and be eligible for rewards through, FUEL UP TO PLAY 60!


The HCES P.T.A. members will receive an electronic survey to determine if our school should participate in School Mall, where online shopping can earn money for our school.  The concept is similar to TIME for Kids, but instead of only offering magazine subscriptions, School Mall works with stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Old Navy, Sears, and Target to offer many more items.  All of the information about this is available at the School Mall website:

We will include that link in the email we send to query P.T.A. members.




With one item to be removed, the minutes from January’s meeting were approved.

Sarah Segard motioned for their approval and Kristina Murray seconded the motion.  None were opposed.


Principal’s Report:


Principal Sanchez is in the process of interviewing Vice Principal candidates and with the help of her committee of eight, she has narrowed it down to two applicants.  Her submission of a recommendation will be submitted by February 15th.


Julia Gessula is back in the Curriculum Enrichment Department, and Patricia Walters, who was working in CE is now working in 5th grade Intervention.


Principal Sanchez has recommended a new teacher’s assistant for 1st grade, since Ms. Eliasoff moved into the Computer Lab.


The Board Advisory meeting will be Monday, February 11th at Rolesville Middle School and Jessica Watkins, HCES PTA President, and Sarah Segard, HCES PTA Vice President plan to be in attendance.


Principal Sanchez will be meeting with a Knightdale High School staff person about bringing the “Peppy Program” to HCES beginning in March.  The Peppy Program uses high school students to come in and run recess periods for elementary students.  For now this will be scheduled from 1:45-2:45 Monday-Thursdays and primarily benefit the 5th grade, AU, and Kindergarten classes that have recess during that time.


Every year each school chooses one student to be highlighted in the Spotlight on Students initiative of the Wake County School Board.  This year HCES has chosen Joey Navarro, a Track 1, 5th grader who has overcome and risen above many challenges in his life.  He volunteers in AU and determinedly keeps his grades and spirit up!  Joey will receive this award at the February 19th school board meeting.


Early Release and the Teacher Chili Cook-Off are on Friday, February 8th.  The next Early Release is scheduled for March 1st.


Spring Pictures for Tracks 3 and 4 will be on March 6th.


There will be an HCES Staff Family Movie Night soon.


Access testing is currently going on with limited English students.


Congratulations on the HUGE success of Jellybeans Spirit Night and a big thanks to Sarah Segard for orchestrating this event.


6:25 Meeting Adjourned


January Minutes


Minutes from 1-10-13 P.T.A. Meeting


Harris Creek Elementary School




6:00p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order.




Secretary Heather Little presented the minutes from the November meeting




Treasurer Danny Bland gave the Treasury Report.


Current balance is 25,564.43


December income was 3,330.05


December expenditures 7,732.43


He will be updating committee chairs on where their committee budgets stand






Currently 255 members


The membership drive to win the ice cream party ends on March 29th.




Box Tops:


We have $2,102.24 of our $2,500 goal for this school year


The classroom contest ends on February 22nd




Book Fair:


Spring Book Fair is set for February 25th-March 6th


We will be having a “Book Fairy” for this that will wear a costume and pass out bookmarks, as well as attend literacy night.  The idea was presented that the Book Fairy visit classes.




Health & Safety Night:


Will have 9 stations. 3 healthy food stations, 3 fitness stations, and 3 educational stations.  These are in addition to the vendors set up in booths.  There will be a discount for vendors that are parents of HCES children and vendors who have sponsored other HCES events.  We plan to have a schedule of 20-minute rotations.  And it was suggested that we use the computer lab for sessions on internet safety and/or to show parents the sites that children visit during computer time at school.


Ideas for the theme include: Along a Healthy Path, Moving in Healthy Ways, and One Direction




Eagle Fun Fest:


May 10th!  That day is also an early release and track out day


We are in need of more parent and teacher volunteers for planning and organizing this event.


In an effort to not use parents to man the games and activities and allow them to enjoy that time with their children, we are looking into using volunteers.  One option is high school students needing community service hours, or calling on Meredith College’s teaching fellows.  Another option is to use Kohl’s employees.  The company will donate $500 for HCES using 5 volunteers wearing Kohl’s shirts.  Any adult volunteers will be required to go through the volunteer registration process.


There will be only one entrance and everything will be outside.  Doors will be unlocked for patrons to come in and use the restrooms only.


We are trying to decide on whether or not to hold any sort of raffle.  Valuable items will be set up in a silent auction.  One parent per grade level will be in charge of putting together the baskets for silent auction.


For food we are considering either grilling hot dogs and hamburgers ourselves or inviting food vendors like they have at the fair, in which case we will get a percentage of their sales during Eagle Fun Fest.


Due to past complaints over charging parents to attend, we have decided to only charge children 2 and over, but increasing the cost to $4 or $5 per wristband.  The wristband includes face painting and access to all inflatables.  Games will cost one ticket; tickets will cost 25 cents apiece.


We need to have visible and clear signage at the event to minimize any confusion.






Kristina Murray is hoping to train a replacement to take over her position as yearbook chair.


Pre-sales will begin soon.  Pre-ordering guarantees you a copy of the yearbook, any leftovers will be sold on a first come first serve basis.


We need a volunteer to collect money at school and keep track of order information, who can get that to Kristina, as well as volunteers who can come in and distribute the yearbooks when they arrive.


Pre-ordered yearbooks will have a clear label with the child’s name.




New Business:


The Cultural Arts Committee is presenting Moscow Nights on January 18th, during the school day.  Grades 3-5 will attend at 1:30p.m. and Grades K-2 will attend at 2:30.




Jellybeans Spirit Night is on January 18th from 5:15-7:00 p.m. and during that time the rink is reserved for Harris Creek families.  But the $5 admission you pay to get in also allows you to stay for family night from 7-10 p.m.




The Spelling Bee is January 24th at 6:30 p.m.  The PTA will provide juice boxes and cookies as refreshment after the competition.




February 7th at 6:00 p.m. is the next Harris Creek Elementary P.T.A. meeting.




February 8th is Early Release and the annual Staff Chili Cook-off.  The PTA will provide salad, crackers, cheese, sour cream, onions, and dessert.




February 28th is Literacy Night with a performance by the chorus.




Suggestion to do a Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads around Mother’s and Father’s Days.  This would just be an informal gathering from about 8:30-9:30 a.m.




Principal’s Report:




Our new Principal, Mrs. Sanchez, wants to engage in some parent input sessions and hopes to find time and opportunity to begin that soon.


She plans to begin a weekly all call to keep parents informed of current events at the school.




Principal Sanchez has requested 12 more touch boards through Title 1.  The goal is to have one in every classroom by this time next year.




Craig Matthews, a retired Wake County principal, is our interim Assistant Principal and will be working at HCES until the position is filled.




We hired a new assistant teacher for 2nd grade, Ebony Anderson.




We are working to keep the computer lab covered after the unexpected passing of Sharon Henderson.




After four days of registration, we already have 82 kindergartners registered for next year.




New security measures for the school include lockdown drills and keeping the front door locked..




The first lockdown drill will take place on January 18th and the second is scheduled for January 31st.  Mrs. Sanchez will explain it to the students on the morning news, but will not announce the time.  We hope to be assisted in these drills by the Raleigh Police Department, but will carry on with them regardless.




7:50 p.m. President Watkins adjourned the meeting.


November 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Harris Creek Elementary P.T.A.

Minutes from Thursday, November 8th


6:00 p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order.


*Quick reminder that kids are not to be picked up between 3:00 and 3:45 without a doctor’s note.


*Book Fair raised over $1900


*McTeacher Night brought in another $1200


*Principal Perry’s retirement reception will be held November 29th from 5 to 7 p.m.  The School Climate Committee is organizing the event and the P.T.A. is to provide cake and punch.


*The P.T.A. will host a reception for the Spelling Bee on January 24th.


*Jellybeans Spirit Night will be held on January 18th from 5 to 7 p.m.  We may sell spirit wear at this event.


*Health and Safety Night is scheduled for March 21st from 6 to 8 p.m. at H.C.E.S.  Committee chair Leon Bullard is organizing the event, which will include vendors such as hospitals and police departments.  He is seeking members for participation on the Health and Safety Committee.


*We have 255 members in the H.C.E.S. now – a new record!



This is the summary I sent to Superintendent Danny Barnes based on my notes:


Certainly one of the most affirmed and repeated desires is for an approachable, personable, and communicative leader.  Someone who values people more than practices, who has an open door policy and can balance efficiency with availability.


We would like someone with a clear vision for the school and an open-mind to input and initiatives from faculty and parents.  Someone effective at not only implementing state educational practices and goals, but also communicating those goals and processes to the parents.  An individual who will exercise transparency in their administration.


It is important to us that this individual has personal integrity and has a record of fairness and honesty.  We want our new principal to value the position of leadership and responsibility they would be placed in and therefore handle it earnestly and judiciously.  We appreciate the positive atmosphere of our school and a big part of that is having an optimistic and positive leader, and we want someone who can keep up morale by setting that example of hope and encouragement.


It is very important to us that the new principal have teaching experience and preferably also have children of their own, knowing that these two things would give them insight and perspective into the day to day concerns and challenges of the parents and faculty.  We feel that would give them a leg up in effectively running our school.


We would like a principal that encourages parent involvement in education/in the classroom.   A principal that will provide pathways for parents to take part in their children’s educational experience.


An ongoing partnership and cooperation and even instruction of the P.T.A. is important to us.  A principal that will support our initiatives and do everything in his/her power to help us achieve our goals.


We would also like to have forward thinking principal that understands the importance of training our children on the latest technology and can appreciate the benefits of utilizing these advancements in the classroom.  Along with that, we want a leader that values the continuing education and training of the staff and will work to secure that for them.


As valuable as our new principal’s people skills are to us, we don’t want someone who developed them at the cost of organizational and administrative achievements.  We desire someone who can pilot the aircraft AND build relationships with the crew.


It would be nice to have someone with experience working in a widely diverse school and community, as ours is.  This individual needs to be able to relate to people of different ethinicities, religions, and income levels, because we have a wide variety of all of these.  We also want someone who will recognize and appreciate their role as a leader in the community surrounding our school.


A replacement with a special education background, as Mrs. Perry had, would be valuable to our school, as many families with special needs children have chosen our school because of our administration’s experience and passion for those programs.


We like our school and don’t want an individual who would come in and be an agent of change, a person who wouldn’t appreciate our strengths and therefore jeopardize them with a lot of new policies and procedures.


Superintendent Barnes gave us the following information regarding the search:


The position has been posted and he has already received a good number of resumes.  He will submit his top three candidates to the acting Wake County Superintendent, who will make the final decision based on Mr. Barnes recommendations.  He hopes to have the position filled by mid-December.


One of Mr. Barnes first questions to applicants during the interview process is “What do you know about Harris Creek Elementary and why do you think you’d be a good fit there?”


The new principal will receive a two year contract and be assigned a mentor, another principal in the Wake Co. system.


Roles of the principal include implementing state curriculum, governing the school, hiring teachers, controlling the budget, performing teacher evaluations, monitoring tests, and ensuring teachers, students, and classrooms have everything they need for success.  A full list of principal duties is available online.


Before Mr. Barnes makes his recommendation, he shares everything from the faculty and parent input sessions with the candidate to make sure they agree with all of the ideas presented.


7:15p.m. Meeting Adjourned

October 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Harris Creek Elementary School

P.T.A. Meeting October 11, 2012


5:05 p.m. President Watkins called the meeting to order


Principal’s Report


Principal Perry secured an approval for the P.T.A. to purchase a computer for the P.T.A. office.

It needs to be one from our approved purchasing list and one that Wake County will be able to update.  This computer will also need a dedicated internet line so that it doesn’t use the school intranet.


We are ordering another iPad cart and considering different Smart Board options, including “Touch Boards” which are $300 less than Smart Boards.  This model uses infrared technology and is compatible with our existing BenQ Projectors.  The Touch Boards also act as dry erase boards.


We would like an initial purchase of 12 Touch Boards, 2 per grade level.  Through the track out classroom rotations, all of the students would have the opportunity to have these boards in their room at some point during the year.


The Touch Boards cost $895 and there is another $100 installation fee per board, so that makes them $995 a piece.  The goal is to make this purchase through revenue we gain through facility rental, to after school programs and sports teams like the Capital City Steelers.


Principal Perry and Vice Principal Sauers completed the first newsletter which will go out on October 14th.


On December 31st Principal Perry will be retiring.  The Superintendant will be searching for her replacement.  She feels our school is well-staffed and she will be leaving it in very capable hands.  We all wish her the best.


P.T.A. President’s Report


McTeacher Night is November 7th from 5-8pm at the Triangle McDonald’s.  There will be a sign-up genius sent out to see who’s going to attend.


Our Jellybeans Spirit Night will be on January 18th.


There are popsicles in the freezer for teachers to distribute to students in those classrooms that had 100% of their pledges turned in for Boosterthon.


We discussed the idea of doing estimation jars for the students, one for the younger students and another for the older ones.  The containers will be in the glass case outside of the Media Center and students can turn in their guesses as they go to the Book Fair.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be given for each.

Vice President Sarah Segard and Treasurer Danny Bland went over the new “Committee Budget Data Sheets” that the chairs of each committee at Harris Creek will be given to track their expenditures and revenues.


We will be setting up sub-accounts for these committees that will be attached to our primary P.T.A. account.  This will help us keep funds separate and track spending better.


President Watkins asked for feedback on our hospitality initiatives.  It was all very positive, so we will continue in the same manner.


Field Days


The first field day, for tracks 1 & 3, will be held on Friday, October 12th .  It appeared, at the time of the meeting, that Coach B had all the cookie donations he needed, but P.T.A. would be on hand in case he needed us to go purchase more.


Donations and volunteers for the next field day, for tracks 2 & 4 on Friday, October 26th , will be coordinated through Sign-Up Genius.


Math & Science Night


We have ordered Roadrunners pizza and already purchased sodas and small bottled water for the event.  Pizza will be $2.00, Chips $0.50 and Drinks $0.50  We can use the empty soda cans and water bottles for our recycling bowl.


Box Tops Update


We turned in $500 worth of box tops at the beginning of the year and have another $600 to return now.


There was a reminder to link our Target, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion rewards cards to our school.


Book Fair


Begins October 17.  We still need more volunteers!




There are currently 235 members in Harris Creek Elementary P.T.A.


We are offering an Ice Cream Part as Incentive to classrooms to encourage parent involvement and registration.


We have a new membership chair who is working on cleaning up and streamlining the registration process and communication to teachers on who has already joined.

There was a suggestion that a mandatory field be added to PayPal for the student’s name.




Coretta has instituted Monday Spirit Nights.  The first Monday of every month is at Chili’s, the second Monday is at Crystal’s Coffee, and the third Monday is at Texas Roadhouse.  Reminder posters will be put up by carpool line.  Flyers must be presented at these establishments to the percentage donated back to the school.   We will have flyers available to print out online.


Eagle Fun Fest


Karen Piggott is the chairperson for this event, which will be on May 10th.  Karen has contacted a face painter and is working on gathering donations.  She is considering a contract with Interactive Play.


We will be using a D.J. who will also put on a pep rally for the kids beforehand.  There will be more games, hopefully manned by non-parent volunteers, potentially Kohl’s employees or a high school club or organization.  We are also interested in getting the fire and police departments to come out and participate.


We are still looking for ideas and volunteers.


Health and Safety Night


Leon Bullard is the Chair of this Committee and is working with Coach B on organizing a fitness focused night, either with vendors coming here or an off-site activity.


Treasurer’s Report


Beginning balance on September 1 = $18,895.55

Ending balance on September 28 = $38,527.97

Total deposits = $42,794.13

Total expenditures = $22,549.21


Balance on October 11, 2012 = $42,021.41


Danny Bland purchased the new P.T.A. computer and software, and installed QuikBooks for Non-Profits, which he got for a significant discount.  So far he has invested $990 in this project.

He suggested an additional purchase of a copier/scanner/printer for the P.T.A. office.


We have been organizing our old paper and binder style records and those are always available for P.T.A. members to look through.


We profited less than expected on Citipass, but more than expected on Boosterthon.  We still have returned checks we are dealing with from Boosterthon.


Treasurer Bland presented a new budget based on revisions he had made after receiving new information and assessing current numbers.   Heather Little motioned to approve the budget.  Leon Bullard seconded the motion.  None were opposed and the budget was passed.


6:30p.m. Vice President Segard adjourned the meeting.

September 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Harris Creek Elementary School P.T.A. Minutes

Thursday, September 13, 2012


6:05p.m. President Jessica Watkins called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the August 9th meeting were presented by Secretary Heather Little


Treasurer’s Report


We had $22,793.54 at the beginning of August and $18,895.55 was our ending balance on August 31st.


We have collected 76% of Boosterthon pledges, mostly from Tracks 1,3, and 4.  We have currently raised $20,000 and if we collect 100% of pledges that will go up to $26,000.  Tuesday, September 18th is the last day to turn in pledge money.


We will probably be placing our order for another iPad cart next week.


Vice Principal Sauers is still seeking approval for the purchase of a computer for the P.T.A. room.




We have approximately 200 members.  Our goal for the 2012-2013 year is 250 members.  (We had several more registrations during Bedtime Story night.)


Heather Little nominated Erin Sloane as Membership Chairperson, Tammy Gibson seconded the nomination.  All were in favor, none opposed.


Restaurant Nights


Coretta Fisher has set up two ongoing opportunities to raise money for Harris Creek Elementary.  The first Monday of every month is Harris Creek Elementary Spirit Night at Chili’s, and 10% of every check total will go back to our school.  You must take the flyer, which will be distributed and available on the website, for it to count for our school.  The second Monday of every month is “Coffee for a Cause” at Crystal’s Coffee, where 20% of our purchases will go back to H.C.E.  A flyer will also be needed for this initiative.


McTeacher Night is November 7th from 5-8pm at the Triangle McDonald’s.


Tammy Gibson passed along information about working with Texas Roadhouse for a spirit night and other student incentive programs they have available.


Treasurer Danny Bland cautioned us about not “endorsing” businesses, since the P.T.A. is a non-profit organization.  We can disseminate information and encourage families to attend, but not advertise or endorse businesses we work with.




Boosterthon is almost complete.  Final collection date is Tuesday, September 18th.  Tracks 3&4 are finishing up GoPlaySave (Citipass) sales.


Rachel Koehler talked about our Box Top program.  The competition kicks off on September 24th and goes through February.  The theme this year is “Building With Box Tops”.  The first 100 students to complete the Box Top sheet will get Wendy’s frosty vouchers.  If a class gets over 1000, they will receive extra recess time and Harris Creek Elementary School Frisbees.  The winning class overall for our school will get a class party and individual Lego kits.


The Book Fair will be October 15th-October 29th


Math & Science Night is October 25th from 6-8p.m. and the P.T.A. is responsible for hosting a dinner.  Options considered were Chick fil’A and pizza.


Finance Committee


Tammy Gibson reported that the 2011-2012 audit is complete and was submitted on August 22nd.  The next audit will take place on October 15th and will be for the months of July, August, and September.


Principal’s Report


Vice Principal Sauers thanked Rachel Koehler for attending the Advisory Board Meeting last Monday with Principal Perry.


Principal Perry and Vice Principal Sauers will be putting out the first newsletter while P.T.A. President Watkins searches for someone to fill the recently vacated Newsletter position.


Alan Cook’s company is donating 5 wireless printers to our school and the school will need funds for the ink cartridges, so Vice Principal Sauers requested the P.T.A. put this into our budget and/or find a way to secure funds for this.


We hired a new Teacher’s Assistant, Kristin Williams, for the pre-K autistic classroom.  A new Curriculum Enrichment staff member has also been recommended.


Our current enrollment is between 920 and 930 students.


“So far, so good this year”, is the overall assessment of Vice Principal Sauers on the state of our school.


6:32 p.m.  President Watkins adjourned the meeting.